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BMAFS - Life Insurance


BMA provides insurance, annuities and investments to individuals and businesses. A member of the Generali Group, a family of more than 150 financial services companies operating internationally, BMA is part of one of the largest and most stable multinational insurance carriers in the world.

Founded in 1909, BMA products help supply needed income in the event of death or disability, provide funds to help pay for a child's education or ensure a comfortable retirement, and protect businesses from financial disaster. The company is also one of the country's top professional life reinsurers and pension providers, and owns Jones & Babson, a no-load mutual fund management company and BMA Financial Services, Inc., a full-service broker-dealer.

What Do the Rating Services Say About BMA?
Independent insurance industry analysts rate insurance companies on their financial stability and their ability to pay the claims presented to them. BMA has earned these impressive ratings from the leading rating agencies:

AA (Very Strong) Standard & Poor's Corporation
S&P has been ranking companies since 1923. Insurers rated AA by S&P offer excellent financial security.

A (Excellent) A.M. Best Company
Best has been recognized as a leading firm in analyzing the financial strength of insurance companies since 1899. Ratings are based on its current opinion of a company's financial ability to meet its obligations to policyholders. This rating is assigned to companies Best believes demonstrate excellent overall performance.

AA (Very Strong) Fitch
Formed through a merger of Duff & Phelps Credit Rating Co. and Fitch IBCA, Fitch rates entities in 75 countries, including more than 700 insurance companies. BMA's AA rating reflects its strong capacity to meet policyholder and contract obligations.

A1 (Good) Moody's Investors Service
Moody's has been in the credit rating business since 1909. In 1986, Moody's began issuing financial strength ratings to measure an insurance company's ability to punctually repay senior policyholder claims and obligations. This rating is based on BMA's solid reinsurance operations, its good-quality bond portfolio, its good capitalization, and its strategic importance in the global operations of Generali, its ultimate parent.

BMAFS - Life Insurance

BMA Offers Life Insurance Products for Both Personal and Business Needs:

  • Term Life Insurance
  • Permanent Life Insurance, including:
  • Universal Life Policies
  • Whole Life Policies
  • Joint Life Insurance Variable Life Insurance

Why Is Life Insurance Important?
Will you live forever? Unless you answer this question differently from the rest of us, you'll need to plan for life's natural events, and life insurance is one of the best ways to do that.

Which of These Reasons to Buy Life Insurance Apply to You?

  • Marriage
  • Mortgage
  • New home purchase
  • Birth of children or grandchildren
  • Children in college
  • Retirement funding
  • Endowment of a favorite charity
  • Leaving a legacy for your heirs, not Uncle Sam
  • Rewarding your key employees for valued service
  • Continuation of your business following your death or that of a key employee

How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?
The answer to this question is unique for each individual. Consider the following categories, then seek the advice of a financial advisor to review your personal situation.

  • How much money will your dependents need to pay off the mortgage or continue paying rent?
  • How much money will your dependents need to pay education expenses?
  • How much money will they need to pay off all outstanding debt? (Car loans, personal loans, credit cards, store charges, etc.)
  • How much money will be needed for funeral expenses and estate settlement costs?
  • Should medical expenses associated with your death be paid with savings or life insurance proceeds?
  • What will your dependents need to cover ongoing expenses?
  • How much would the death of a key employee impact the bottom line of your business?
  • If your business partner dies, do you have enough money to buy his/her share of the business?

BMAFS - Variable Life Insurance

Clarity Variable Life Series: Life Insurance and Investment Opportunity
The reasons for buying life insurance are clear: financial protection for the people who rely on you, opportunity for wealth accumulation, estate liquidity, and business needs.

Consider Clarity Variable Universal Life, a unique combination of life insurance and tax-deferred investment opportunity. Clarity Variable Universal Life offers you the flexibility to choose the amount and timing of premium payments and the ideal amount of insurance coverage for you, within certain guidelines.

At the same time, it also gives you the opportunity to choose from a wide array of variable subaccounts, so you can determine how your policy's accumulation value should be invested. In most cases, the accumulation value of your life insurance policy will not create any tax liability, and the death benefit paid to your beneficiaries will be free of income tax as well.

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