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Aurora National Life - Life Insurance

About Aurora National Life

Aurora National Life Assurance Company is a California-based insurance company licensed in 46 states and the District of Columbia. Aurora services over 163,000 life policyholders and annuity contract holders, with more than $6.7 billion of insurance in force as of June 30th, 2000.

Aurora National Life Assurance Company services a wide variety of individual and group life insurance and annuity products, including single and annual premium whole life, term life, deferred and immediate annuities, qualified retirement annuities and guaranteed investment contracts.

Aurora National Life's Financial Strength

Providing Safety and Security to Their Policyholders
At Aurora National Life Assurance Company, they understand that security is the reason people buy life insurance and annuities. This is why they place so much emphasis on their own financial security, especially through their strong ratio of capital to liabilities and their conservatively managed investment portfolio.

Here are some of the reasons why they believe Aurora continues to be one of the strongest and safest life insurance companies in the industry today.

  • Exceptional Balance Sheet with a Strong Capital Position
  • High Quality, Diversified Asset Portfolio
  • A Sound Match Between Assets and Liabilities
  • Third-Party Assessment of Our Financial Strength

Exceptional Balance Sheet with a Strong Capital Position
Capital and surplus provide an important measure of the strength of an insurance company. A large amount of capital, especially in relation to liabilities, helps ensure against financial risks and obligations an insurance company may incur. Well-capitalized companies typically provide the greatest protection to policyholders because they are best able to ensure that their financial obligations will be met.

As of December 31, 2000, Aurora reported:

  • Over $4 billion in assets
  • Capital, surplus and asset valuation reserve in excess of $264 million.

High Quality, Diversified Asset Portfolio
Currently, Aurora's assets are composed almost entirely of highly marketable, publicly traded investment grade securities and policy loans, with no direct investments in real estate. This superb asset risk profile is virtually unmatched in the industry.

At December 31, 2000, Aurora's portfolio included over 300 different corporate issuers, thus limiting Aurora's risk with respect to any particular company or industry. In addition, the composition of their portfolio is monitored and managed to limit the risk of exposure to downturns in specific sectors of the economy.

A Sound Match Between Assets and Liabilities
Aurora's investment portfolio is structured so that the maturity and interest rate sensitivity of assets generally match the maturity and estimated interest rate sensitivity of liabilities, helping protect Aurora against the volatility of the securities markets.

Third-Party Assessment of Our Financial Strength
FPR 6 A.M. Best Company
Aurora's financial performance rating (FPR) has been rated a 6 (Above Average) by A.M. Best.

Aurora National Life - Life Insurance

Welcome Life Insurance Customers!

This section provides current Aurora life insurance customers with instant, 24-hour access to helpful service tips, answers to frequently asked questions, and commonly-used forms for a variety of changes.

Before you call in with a general question about your policy, check the frequently asked questions below to see if the answer to your question is already provided.

You can download and print the Request for Change of Policy Record, Premium Billing Mode Election, and Request for Policy Loan forms to complete and mail in to Aurora.

Aurora National Life hope you find this section convenient, helpful and interesting. Aurora National Life are planning to periodically add more information and new features.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request a Cash Loan or a Premium Loan?
Download and print the ``Loan Request" form. Fill out the form completely and mail the original to their office. If you need information regarding the available loan amount, the loan interest rate, and how to repay the loan, call your Aurora Agent, or their home office at (800) 265-2652.

How do I request an Owner, Beneficiary, or Address change?
Download and print the ``Request for Change of Policy Record" form. Fill out the form completely, provide the required signatures and mail the original to their office.

Can I give you my address changes over the phone or the Internet?
For the protection of their customers, they only accept requests for address changes in writing and with signatures. Signatures are verified prior to processing all requests. Although telephoning or
E-mailing in such information is certainly easier, it is not in the best interests of their customers.

I want my premium paid automatically from my bank account each month. How do I do this?
Download and print the ``Premium Billing Mode Election" form. Fill out the form completely and mail the original to their office.

Along with the form, please include a voided personal check from the account you will be using and your bank's phone number.

Some of my bank information has changed. How do I properly notify Aurora?
For your protection, they request that you submit the change(s) in writing. Make sure your request is signed.

When do I need to have my signature notarized?
Because all change requests are ``signature verified" before processing, you may want to have your signature notarized whenever feasible to avoid potential processing delays. You may also call one of their customer service representatives for further clarification.

How financially strong is Aurora?
See the ``Financial Strength" section of their web site for information on Aurora's solid financial strength and information from rating agencies.

P.O. Box 4490,
CT 06147-4490

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