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Assumption Life - Life Insurance

About Assumption Life

97 Years of Experience

Companies that have stood firm for almost a century are rare. Assumption Life is part of that eclectic group.

To See The Future, Appreciate The Past

Since 1903, Assumption Life has concerned itself with the future of its clients. In the beginning, the company's aim was to promote the economic development of the Acadian community. It therefore established deep roots in the Maritimes and then branched out into Quebec and Ontario. Assumption Life has become a flourishing mutual insurance company that now offers a complete range of financial and life insurance products and services.

Assumption Life, with its head offices in Moncton, New Brunswick, is the cornerstone of the Assumption Group, an important network of financial institutions.

Assumption Life has remained true to the principles of its founders and contributes to the social and cultural development of the communities it serves. Over the years, the Assumption Foundation has awarded over $3,000,000 in student scholarships and donations to academic institutions. Assumption Life also supports education, health and youth.

Contact the company that puts its experience at the service of your future.

Assumption Life - Protecting your loved ones

For most of us, our family is our most precious asset. When we plan for the future, the first thing we think of is our family.

Assumption Life shares your concerns. This is why they have created another type of family over the years: Assumption Life insurance products.

Take the time to insure the most important: life, in all its aspects. Contact one of their representatives for more information.

Assumption Life insurance

Odyssey Universal Life:
• Combines life insurance and investments.
Allows you to make withdrawals for major purchases.
Allows you to accumulate tax-sheltered savings.
Offers a variety of rates and payment options.

Golden Protection:
Available to people between the ages of 40 and 80.
No medical exam is required.
The premiums will never increase.

T-10 Plus :
10-year contract, renewable and convertible.
Guaranteed premiums for 10 years.
Insurance benefits starting at $50,000.

Concept 2001:
Permanent coverage.
Premiums can be paid over 10, 15, 20, 25 years or for life.
The premiums will never increase.

Total Protection:
Limited proof of insurability.
Permanent coverage, with guaranteed benefits upon death.
The premiums will never increase.

Concept 2001 Junior:
For children, aged 15 days to 17 years.
Coverage from $10,000 to $100,000.
Insurance which, once paid, insures your child for life, according to the terms of the contract.
The premiums remain the same throughout the payment period.

Youth Plus:
For children, aged 15 days to 17 years.
If you are already insured with Assumption Life, it costs as little as $100 per year for each $35,000 unit.

An Assumption Life representative can explain all of these products and others in detail. Contact the Assumption Financial Centre nearest you.

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