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Ameritas Life - Life Insurance

About Ameritas Life

The Ameritas Acacia Companies are a diversified family of financial services businesses. Together, these affiliated companies offer a wide range of products and services, including: individual life insurance, annuities, financial planning, group dental and vision insurance, mutual funds and other investments, banking, retirement plans, 401(k) plans and public financing.

How Ameritas Life Do Business

At Ameritas and The Acacia Group:

  • Ethics, integrity and good citizenship are embedded into how Ameritas Life conduct business everyday.
  • While operating in three different centuries, they have always delivered on their promises.
  • Ameritas Life strive to "Be The Best."

Operating with Ethics and Integrity
Every day, Ameritas and The Acacia Group strive to maintain the uncompromising business practices and standards both have upheld for more than a century. Together, they are building on this reputation.
At The Ameritas Acacia Companies, integrity isn't just a goal - it is the cornerstone of how they practice business, as individuals and as a company. This dedication has proven to have a profound effect on their customers, business partners and the communities they serve.

"Be The Best" in delivering insurance protection, banking and wealth accumulation products and services to their targeted markets.

Attract and retain a growing base of loyal customers by being a premier provider of value-added insurance protection, banking and wealth accumulation products and services that improve their customers' overall financial security and quality of life; thereby increasing the value of the enterprise.

Ameritas Life - Life Insurance and Annuities

The Acacia Group: Acacia Life Insurance Company and Acacia National Life Insurance Company

  • Traditional Life1
  • Variable Life and Annuities2,3
  • Traditional Annuities2
  • Financial Planning

1 Products offered through Acacia Life Insurance Company. 2 Products offered through Acacia National Life Insurance Company. 3 Variable products distributed by The Advisors Group, Inc., a registered broker/dealer of The Acacia Group. Member SIPC.

Ameritas Life Insurance Corp., First Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. of New York, Ameritas Variable Life Insurance Company, Ameritas Direct Consumer Services, and Ameritas Direct Advisor Services

  • Variable Life and Annuities4,6,7
  • Traditional Life4,5
  • Traditional Annuities4
  • Low-Load Series4,7

4 Products offered through Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. 5 Products offered through First Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. of New York. 6 Products offered through Ameritas Variable Life Insurance Company. 7 Securities underwritten by Ameritas Investment Corp., Lincoln, Neb., an affiliate of Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. and Ameritas Variable Life Insurance Company. Member SIPC.


5900 O Street
P.O. Box 81889
Lincoln, NE 68501-1889

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