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American Skandia Life - Life Insurance

About the American Skandia Life Assurance Corporation

When American Skandia Life Assurance Corporation was established in 1987, a new type of financial services company was created. The company was founded upon the basic principle that innovative and optimistic solutions were better than the status quo that existed in the industry. The first revolutionary idea American Skandia Life implemented was to change the nature of investment products by introducing the concept of working with external money managers so that American Skandia would remain completely unbiased. This was a new idea for the industry, but one that was eventually praised and imitated. Since then, American Skandia Life continued to develop innovative ideas that have caused industry insiders to stop and take notice. They lead with great ideas and the others follow. It's been like that since the beginning and continues today.

  • Founded in 1987
  • Headquarters in Shelton, Connecticut
  • American Skandia is a member company of Skandia Insurance Company, Ltd.
  • More than $36.34 billion in client assets (as reported on 2/5/00)
  • Over 500,000 contract owners in the United States
  • Standard and Poor's (A+), Duff and Phelps (AA-), and A.M. Best Company (A)

Ratings are intended to reflect the financial strength or claims-paying ability of American Skandia Life Assurance Corporation and are not intended to reflect the investment performance or financial strength of the variable accounts, which are subject to market risk.

Skandia Insurance Company Ltd.

Founded in 1855, Skandia has provided security for generations for more than 140 years.
Headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden
Market Capitalization of $23.34 billion
More than 8 million policyholders
Offers financial services in 26 countries
Skandia Group of Companies is the 4th largest purchaser of money management services in the world.

Products For Life
No matter where you are in life - just starting out, getting married, starting a family, paying for education, retiring, or planning for future generations - it's never too early or too late to invest for the future. American Skandia's products can help you to plan for any stage of your life. Their Variable Annuities, Mutual Funds, Variable Life Insurance and Qualified Plans each have features to help you plan for a variety of financial needs.

Why is American Skandia Where to Invest?
100% independently advised
American Skandia Life don't manage a single penny themselves, not even a money market fund, so they can be completely objective and unbiased in our investment manager selections.
Active management of managers
American Skandia Life actively manage our investment managers to make sure you always have access to some of the best available expertise.

Financial vehicles for every life stage
American Skandia Life offer products that can provide solutions for just about any investment need, each with a diverse platform of investment options.

In-depth unbiased information
American Skandia Life supply in-depth unbiased information, including an exclusive relationship with Morningstar, so you and your advisor can make informed decision.

Diversification across asset and style classes
American Skandia Life bring world-class management in every asset class and style box to give a complete set of tools for asset allocation.

Partnering with financial professionals
American Skandia Life have a proven commitment to supporting financial advisors with leading -edge products, services and information so they can serve you more effectively.

American Skandia's Investment Managers Collectively:

  • Manage over $1.7 trillion for clients
  • Employ over 1, 350 professionals who follow in excess of 70,000 companies, covering the full range of market capitalizations
  • Manage assets for one-fourth of the Dow Jones and Fortune 100 companies
  • Serve more than 23.5 million individual account holders.
  • Have over 725 years of combined investment experience

American Skandia Life's Variable Life


  • Tax – Deferred Growth
  • Cash value credits, called Growth Accelerator
  • Joint Life/Last Survivor
  • 24 Money Managers 54 sub-accounts
  • Accelerated Death Benefit
  • Guaranteed Minimum Death Benefit

In the case of premature death, life insurance can replace income and savings that would have continued during your lifetime. But life insurance can be much more than just a death benefit. Life insurance can be part of an investment strategy to accumulate wealth.

The Challenge…
Balancing the needs of today with the dreams
of tomorrow.

What is Financial Success?
Financial Success is different for everyone. In general, financial success is having financial peace of mind. Providing you with the security of knowing your goals for the future are within reach. You have to be concerned with being protected from unforeseen events, reducing your annual and ultimate tax burden, and being able to preserve your wealth for personal enjoyment and transfer to your loved ones. You need liquidity and options, advice and information.

Few Americans cross the finish line financially independent for retirement. Even with all the new financial products that have been created in the last two decades, people are still not retiring comfortably:

  • tax laws are constantly changing,
  • inflation constantly erodes wealth, and
  • the media often provides conflicting and misleading information on investments.

The Solution…
Proper Planning
Success requires proper planning and positioning
Planning is a means of providing for financial security during your lifetime and the transfer of assets after death. It’s time to begin a financial check-up with your financial professional to assist you with positioning your assets based on their intended use and their current and future tax liabilities.

The Tools …
Variable Life Insurance
You need options, advice and information. In today's complex economic and personal environment, you want and need your money to do more than just grow. You require a well thought out long term strategy for retirement and wealth transfer. You need product and tax strategies that make sense and don't restrict growth across your entire portfolio. You need liquidity and options, advice and information. You should consider variable life insurance as a core portfolio holding.

Variable Life Insurance: It's not what it is, it's what it does!
Individuals are wary of the use of life insurance for anything but ultimate death protection. But what about positioning Variable Life as an asset accumulation and wealth transfer tool as well. Too often investors are unaware of the potential of this unique life insurance product. Variable Life Insurance offers unique investment flexibility, the opportunity to receive significant downside protection from under performing assets with guaranteed benefits on death, and the opportunity to achieve tax deferred accumulation on your asset.

American Skandia has designed two Variable Life Insurance products to provide the possibility for death benefit protection, cash accumulation, estate liquidity, and wealth transfer to meet your planning needs. Remember…

  • People don’t plan to fail.
  • They fail to plan.
  • Take control of your future - today!

Why American Skandia?
Variable Life Insurance from American Skandia
An innovative leader
When American Skandia Life Assurance Corporation opened its doors in 1987, their goal was to provide their clients, you, with investment options and products, which helped them to meet or exceed their life’s goals. American Skandia Life value the responsibility of servicing you and are constantly looking to improve and expand the products and services they offer. In pursuit of this goal, they have launched their newest product line, Variable Life Insurance. The living and death benefits provided by Variable Life Insurance means not only can you achieve tax-deferred accumulation and income tax-free transfer at death, but also a way of planning for financial security during your lifetime. You need options, advice and information.

P.O. 7040
CT 06601-7040

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