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American Industries Insurance Companies -
Life Insurance

Welcome to American Industries Insurance Companies

At American Industries, they offer personal attention and service to help you achieve your insurance, mortgage loan, and real estate needs at the lowest cost. American Industries like to believe that they can often tailor make products to best suit your needs; subject to the laws, rules and regulations enacted by the Texas Department of Insurance, which governs their activities. If you need life insurance and are a resident of the State of Texas, they would appreciate the chance to talk with you about it.

American Industries loan programs are individually designed to accommodate your situation. Go to their web site and click on RESIDENTIAL LOANS and you will be able to contact their expert, Joan Adams. Click on the link to LIFE INSURANCE, and you'll meet Craig Baker, who has arranged a presentation of their advanced life insurance plans. To SELL YOUR NOTE, Ron Piperi will verify your note and can make you a realistic offer, in cash. Ron is also their COMMERCIAL LOAN specialist. Visit the REAL ESTATE page and you'll be in touch with Ross Baker, who explains the leasing space availability in their office buildings and shopping centers.

American Industries Life Insurance

American Industries will be pleased you stopped to visit the Life Insurance page of AMERICAN INDUSTRIES LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY. Where they hope to have the product to serve you, at a premium within your budget. In his job as Agency Director, he finds great pleasure in helping people achieve protection against financial loss from one of life's inevitable but always tragic events.

Every person now living needs life insurance, for reasons ranging from burial insurance to commercial protection.

An ancient riddle, attributed to the Middle East, tells of the traveler who was told to take as many rocks as he wished; that later he would be glad he took some, and regret he didn't take more. When the rocks turned into gold, the traveler experienced the emotion that Beneficiaries feel every time a loved one dies.

American Industries are proud of their wide ranging portfolio of life products, available to persons who are residents of the State of Texas.

American Industries list a few of them here.

  • Burial Insurance
  • Term Insurance
  • Limited Pay policies

American Industries sister company, American Industries Family Life Insurance Company is a stipulated premium company, which offers additional flexibility.

Give American Industries a call, at your convenience, and tell them something about yourself and they will assign a knowledgeable, licensed agent in your vicinity, to call on you and explore your insurance requirements. American Industries believe you will be impressed with the personal attention American Industries provides, and will tell your friends about the insurance company which places the interests of the consumer first.

P.O. Box 2952,
Texas 77252-2952

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