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American Home Life - Life Insurance

American Home Life - Mission Statement

American Home Life will deliver insurance products that are based on sound principles, contribute to profitable growth, and provide their customers with the best possible value and protection.

American Home Life will deliver these products through professional insurance agents who share their values and their commitment to serving the needs and interests of those they insure.

American Home Life will manage their resources with prudence and high integrity, conscious of their promise to deliver benefits, and dedicated to building upon their strong financial foundation.

American Home Life will conduct their operation within a system of carefully-identified corporate objectives guided by a Board of Directors and management group motivated by excellence, innovation, and responsibility.

American Home Life will provide their employees with a comfortable, open and participative organization, which fosters personal growth and rewards innovation and productivity.

American Home Life will be a good corporate citizen, providing leadership and a cooperative spirit in service to the community and the industry.

American Home Life History

  • Commenced business in July 1909
  • A mutual company specializing in life insurance
  • Over 1.1 billion dollars of life insurance in force
  • Assets under management exceed 95 million dollars
  • Surplus of the company including IMR/AVR exceeds 10.15 million dollars
  • Benefits paid to policyholders and beneficiaries since organization exceeds 124 million dollars
  • Licensed in 20 states
  • The A.M. Best Company rates American Home Life Insurance, with its fourth highest rating, in the Secure Ratings with an A- (Excellent)

American Home Life was incorporated on May 3, 1909 and commenced business July 10, 1909 under the name of Kansas Home Mutual Life Insurance Company. In 1912, the Company merged with American Mutual Life Insurance Company of McPherson, Kansas and adopted the name, "American Home Life Insurance Company".

Since that time, American Home Life have continued to grow and innovate while remaining true to their commitment - which is to provide efficient, courteous, and effective service to their policyowners and sales force. Weathering the nation's economic storms, the Company has remained strong and continues to meet its obligations to policyholders through conservative management of resources and a sound investment philosophy.

Recent years have seen strong growth. Over the past 11 years, assets have more than doubled and surplus increased in excess of 64%. A.M. Best rewards their strength and security with a rating of "A-" (Excellent); well within the "SECURE" portion of their rating scale. For 91 years, American Home Life have served you and your family.

American Home Life's commitment is as strong as ever to make certain the trust and confidence you have in American Home Life is well placed.

American Home Life - Life Insurance Products

Traditional participating whole life policy with guaranteed premiums, face amount, and cash values. Second year dividend. Low issue minimum ($2,500). Will accept all riders. IDEA: Use as foundation for inexpensive family insurance plan....add spouse and childrens riders.

Participating whole life insurance requiring one premium payment. Dividends used to purchase additional paid-up coverage. Cash value is guaranteed. Minimum issue $5,000 face value or premium. IDEA: Use with clients who have good pension plans and have extra cash. Use that cash to increase the assets transferable, income-tax free, at the insured's death. The death benefit and cash value of the plan grow while it is in force.

Modified version of Traditional Whole life. Geared for associations or groups. Unisex, aggregate rates. Simplified underwriting. Three specific programs for specialized group needs.
IDEA: Use supplemental materials to gain program support.

Single premium life rider. Dividend additions are interest sensitive. May be added to Whole Life (American) plan in a single premium lump sum (as in a 1035 exchange) or in recurring premium payments.
IDEA: Use our user-friendly PARider software to enhance the values in an insurance program to reduce out-of-pocket premium payments or to accumulate funds for future needs. Point out the additional death benefit!

400 South Kansas Avenue,
P.O. Box 1497,
Kansas 66601

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