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American General - Life Insurance

American General - Helping to meet your financial and insurance needs

Maintaining a competitive advantage in today's insurance marketplace requires size, financial strength, and the ability to serve and satisfy customers. American General Life Insurance Company combines all of these components with sound strategic direction and a commitment to long-term relationships.

American General Life Insurance Company - Privacy Policy

American General understands that your privacy is important. They provide this notice in accordance with applicable state and federal laws and because you are a current or potential customer of one of the American General companies. This notice will help you understand what types of nonpublic personal information - information about you that is not publicly available - American General may collect, how they use it and how they protect your privacy.

American General collect nonpublic personal information to process and administer their customers' business and to ensure that they are satisfying their financial needs. American General have policies and procedures in place to protect nonpublic personal information about their customers. They do not sell nonpublic personal information about their customers to third parties, i.e., companies or individuals that are not affiliated with American General. American General do not disclose any nonpublic personal information about their customers to anyone, except as permitted by law. They do not share or use personally identifiable health information for marketing purposes. Their privacy policy applies to both current and former customers as well as to visitors to their site.

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS that detail American General's privacy policy
What types of nonpublic personal information does American General collect?
American General and its employees, representatives, agents and selected third parties as authorized by law may collect nonpublic personal information about their customers and other visitors to their site including, but not limited to:

  • Web sites you visit
  • The number of visits to the American General's site
  • Time spent at the site
  • Services requested or purchased
  • Your domain address
  • Information provided to American General, such as on applications, e-mail or other forms
  • Information about transactions with American General, their affiliates or third parties
  • Information from others, such as credit reporting agencies, employers and federal and state agencies

The type of nonpublic personal information American General collects varies according to the products or services provided and may include, for example: account balances, income, assets, insurance premiums, credit reports, marital status and payment history.

American General also may collect nonpublic personal health information, such as medical reports, for certain types of insurance policies in order to underwrite the policy, administer claims or perform other insurance or related functions.

American General may track information about customers or other visitors through the use of technical devices such as cookies. Cookies are placed on users' hard drives and save data about individual users, such as the user's screen preferences and the pages of the site viewed by the user. When the user revisits the site, they may recognize the user by the Internet cookie and customize the user's experience accordingly. Users may decline Internet cookies (if any) by using the appropriate feature of their Web browser software, if available. When a user performs a search within the site, American General may record information identifying the user or linking the user to the search performed.

American General Life Insurance may also combine information from cookies with third-party data to link personally identifiable information about you in third-party data to information about you and your visit to their site.

A Look at General Life's Products

A quality life insurance program is an essential part of a successful financial plan. American General Life and Accident is committed to meeting the needs of their more than 4 million customers across the country. American Life's first and foremost commitment is personal service to their customers. American Life's products reflect their commitment to personal service and their effort at making insurance easier to understand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need life insurance?
Yes, if you have bills, a car loan, dependents, or a mortgage, you need life insurance. If you are the primary earner and your income is necessary to maintain the family household, your dependents may suffer financially if you die.

What kind of life insurance should I have and how much do I need?
The type of insurance you choose and the amount you need depends upon many factors and should be designed with these needs in mind:

  • Final Expenses: Enough life insurance on each member of the family to cover the costs of final expenses. According to the Source Book of Health Insurance Data the average cost of a hospital stay is $6,225. Life Insurers Council research reveals that the average burial cost range is approximately $3000 to $8000.
  • Family Income: A regular monthly income to assure your family a comfortable standard of living.
  • Mortgage: A fund to assure your family the security of a home of their own.
  • Education: Money to provide for your children's education. The average annual cost for an in-state public college is $11,338 or $45,352 for a four year education. The average annual cost for an in-state private college is $24,946 or $99,784 for a four year education.
  • Retirement: Cash reserves to guarantee a dependable income for life.

What are the three basic types of life insurance?
Term Life Insurance
Covers for a term of one or more years, and pays benefits only if you die in that term.

  • During that time, you pay a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual premium in return for a death benefit in the face amount of the policy.
  • At the end of the term, you can usually renew the policy for another specified period at a higher premium amount or purchase a new policy that reflects your changing needs.

Traditional Whole Life
Whole life insurance, the most traditional form of "permanent" insurance, provides permanent protection for your dependents while building a cash value account.

  • It can be kept for as long as you live and is payable to a beneficiary at the death of the insured.
  • The face amount (the death benefit) and the premium (the amount you pay for the policy) are fixed at the time you buy your policy and stay the same your entire life.

Universal Life Insurance
Universal life insurance is a flexible premium life insurance policy that provides permanent protection for your dependents. The policyholder may change the death benefit from time to time and vary the amount or timing of premium payments.

What will an American General Life and Accident Insurance agent do during our meeting?
An American General Life and Accident agent will analyze your current financial situation, family needs, insurance goals, occupation information, current insurance, and your future insurance needs and then help you create a insurance plan. Their is to help you plan for your financial security with life insurance.

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