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AmerUs Life - Life Insurance

AmerUs Life - The Right Policy

Should you go with life insurance or an annuity? Which type of insurance is most appropriate for you?

These are the questions that all insurance shoppers ask themselves.

The answers are never easy. Everyone has a unique set of circumstances that make up their life. An overview of the major types of life insurance and annuities will be helpful as you think of the future.

AmerUs Life Insurance

Term Life

AmerUs Life - Term Life Insurance is purchased for a specific period of time, such as one, fifteen, twenty or thirty years.

  • Term insurance provides protection for mortgages or other financial obligations of families in the event of an unexpected death.
  • Businesses use term insurance to cover short-term financial obligations and to fund buy/sell agreements.
  • Premiums are inexpensive.
  • Future conversion privileges to a permanent life insurance plan is important
  • Death benefit is provided to the beneficiary income tax free.

Universal Life

Flexibility is a key word used when describing AmerUs Life Universal Life Insurance. This versatile type of life insurance was developed with today's growing and changing lifestyle in mind.

  • Flexible premiums and adjustable death benefit amounts allow you to change your policy as your circumstances in life change.
  • One policy can accomplish what used to take multiple policies.
  • Good for businesses as they move through stages of growth and development.
  • Excellent for families at any stage in life.

Survivorship Life

AmerUs Life Survivorship Life Insurance is a unique kind of insurance the covers the lives of two individuals with one policy.

  • Death benefit is paid after the death of both insured persons.
  • Survivorship life is used most often for estate planning and business situations.

AmerUs Life offers two survivorship life policy choices. Contact an AmerUs Life agent directly to find out which policy is best for you.

Whole Life

AmerUs Life Whole Life Insurance is used when permanent protection is needed.

  • Premiums are guaranteed not to increase for the life of the policy.
  • Cash value accumulates tax-deferred and can be used to supplement retirement income.
  • Non-guaranteed dividends may provide additional cash value.
  • Death benefit is provided to the beneficiary income tax free.
  • Individuals often use whole life for debts and mortgages, retirement planning, and college expenses.
  • Businesses use whole life to fund buy/sell agreements and to provide coverage for key employees.

Variable Universal Life

Variable Life Insurance policies give you the opportunity to direct how your premium payment is invested.

  • The death benefit and accumulation value will fluctuate based on the performance of the investment options selected.

AmerUs Life has entered into a joint venture with Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. (ALIC) to provide variable universal life products through Ameritas Variable Life Insurance Company (AVLIC). Ameritas Investment Corp., member NASD, SIPC, an affiliate of AVLIC and ALIC, underwrites the variable universal life products.

  • With AVLIC policies, you can choose among several investment options, including stock, bond, balanced, or money-market subaccounts.

Locate a representative or contact AmerUs Life directly for more information.


611 Fifth Avenue,
Des Moines,
Iowa 50309

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