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Allmerica Financial Services

About Allmerica Financial Services

Allmerica Financial's variable products portfolio is supplemented with a wide range of Term and Permanent Life Insurance solutions. Term and Permanent Life Insurance is made available through the Allmerica Access Product Network, a network of carefully selected carriers specializing in high quality competitive traditional life products.

To learn more about how Term or Permanent Insurance can protect your loved ones, contact an Allmerica Financial office nearest you. In approaching your unique situation we begin with questions first to help determine the most appropriate solution based upon your personal needs. When you work with an Allmerica Financial Advisor you will benefit from more than the convenience of one-stop-shopping for all your insurance and planning needs, but from an advisor who will work with you to develop an integrated personal Financial Profile centered around your financial goals and objectives.

A Plan To Help Keep More For Your Family

You want to provide for your family financially. Maybe that means a college education for your grandchildren, or making sure the family home stays in the family. What you may not realize is the dramatic effect estate taxes could have on that objective. How dramatic? Well, estate taxes can be as high as 37% to 60%.

That could pose a significant burden for your loved ones, as estate taxes must be paid by your heirs, in cash, within nine months of your death.

Estate planning can help you defend against estate taxes -- and help you build an even larger estate to pass down to your family.

How Much Is At Stake?

Your taxable estate is probably larger than you imagine. Federal estate taxes reach all the assets you'd expect -- your home, bank accounts, personal property and more. But they also touch your deferred assets, such as the full value of all your retirement plans (IRAs, 401(k)s, etc.) and the face value of all the life insurance you own.

Just What Is An Estate Plan?

An estate plan is a comprehensive strategy that provides for the orderly distribution of an individual's assets after death. And, as you might imagine, estate planning is not just for the rich -- it's for everyone who wants to provide for their family's financial future. That probably includes you.

Estate planning employs a number of financial tools to help prepare you to:

• Provide for the decedent's surviving family
• Determine ahead of time who receives the decedent's assets and how they are to be distributed
• Eliminate or reduce federal and state taxes
• Solve liquidity problems
• Avoid probate
• Transfer business ownership

A sound estate planning strategy may help you reach these goals while significantly reducing or even eliminating estate taxes. To develop a strategy to help achieve your objectives, you'll want to consult your attorney, accountant and financial advisor-professionals who understand tax laws and how they affect your situation. All this from Allmerica Financial Services.

Wills And Trusts: The Basic Tools Of An Estate Plan

A will is a legal document, prepared by an attorney, that spells out how your property will be distributed, who will be executor of your estate, and who will be guardian of any minor children. At your death, a will must go through the probate process and all documents become a matter of public record.

A trust agreement allows you to transfer all kinds of assets directly to your heirs. A big advantage is that, if funded during your life, it avoids the probate process -- thus sparing your heirs many delays, costs, lack of privacy and potential disputes. A trust also assures that your wishes are carried out to the letter.

Allmerica Financial Serivces Can Help Make Your Vision Of The Future A Reality

At Allmerica Financial, their goal is to help their clients reach theirs. If you want to plan for your family's financial future, they can help. For more information about estate planning, contact an Allmerica Financial advisor near you.

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