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Aid Association for Lutherians - Life Insurance

Who are Aid Association for Lutherians?

AAL are a fraternal benefit society of 1.8 million members united in a network of more than 10,000 volunteer groups called branches. AAL provide a variety of insurance and noninsurance benefits for their members.

Aid Association for Lutherians have been growing since 1902 when a small group of Lutherans started the organization in Appleton, Wisconsin. Today, AAL members volunteer more than four million hours each year and work hard to improve the lives of others.

Church or insurance? That was the question

As a 32-year-old man in Appleton, Wisconsin in the late 1800's, Albert Voecks was troubled and didn't know how to handle a situation that had him worried. He had a dilemma that affected him spiritually and emotionally.

Like many people of his time, Voecks had a powerful sense of ethics and had strong feelings about his family, church and community.

Voecks recognized the need for his family and other families at St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church in Appleton - where he was the congregational president - to have access to affordable life insurance protection. But there was a problem; most of them didn't have the cash to buy expensive commercial policies.

The next economical step for many of these hard-working Lutherans of German heritage was to purchase life insurance from lodges, which offered life insurance at lower rates. To many people this cheap insurance was the main attraction of joining a lodge.

But a problem arose for Lutherans who joined these lodges; they were excommunicated from the church if they did not quit these lodges.

Why would hard-working, God-fearing Germans be asked to leave a church that often was one of the most important things in their lives? Because many pastors and other Lutheran leaders believed that lodge rituals were incompatible with church teachings.

The dilemma: quit the lodge and lose the only family insurance protection they could afford, or quit the church.

Voecks, a deeply religious man, often was faced with the unpleasant duty of calling these people before the church council to deliver this painful message. Some congregation members left the lodge, and left all their money in the lodge, since in those days lodges did not grant surrender values. Others stayed with the lodge and left the church, feeling their families needed the insurance protection more than they needed to be part of the Lutheran Church.

AAL Life Insurance

Life insurance from Aid Association for Lutherans
Since 1902, AAL has offered life insurance protection to Lutherans and their families. In fact, insurance protection was a big reason why AAL was formed more than 95 years ago. Today, AAL provides a wide range of life insurance products to help protect the needs of individuals and their families.

Learning about life insurance
If you died tonight, what would happen to your family?
Would your family be able to continue living in the manner they're accustomed to or would there be problems and changes?

Would your family have enough money to continue living in the same home? Would your spouse be able to continue sending your children to a parochial school or be able to put some money aside for their college education? Would your spouse be able to pay for living expenses, day care, repairs, housekeeping, fixed expenses and more?

Would your spouse be able to pay estate taxes and other tax bills?

Would your family be prepared or would it be a crushing, confusing experience for them?

Why you need life insurance
Knowing your family is protected by life insurance can help give you peace of mind. When you die, your family, income and assets will be protected and not left to chance. That's what life insurance is all about. Protecting all you've worked for throughout your life so those you care about, and remain after you, can continue to enjoy it.

And life insurance is about the future as well. With good planning, it can help you supplement your children's educational needs, strengthen your retirement funding or leave a gift to your church or favorite institution.

Proper planning, along with life insurance, can help you protect your family today and pass on a memorable legacy for the future while offering you peace of mind today.

Your AAL Representative can help
Protecting your family is a decision you enter into carefully. You want to have as much information as possible before you take the important step of choosing a product that is best for your needs.

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