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Acacia Life - Life Insurance

About Acacia Life

  • Chartered by an act of Congress in 1869.
  • Over 130 years of financial strength and stability
  • Parent Company of The Acacia Group®
  • Financial Ratings:
    A.M. Best (A)
    Duff and Phelps (AA)
    Standard and Poors (AA)
  • Offering a full line of Life Insurance and Annuity Products

Acacia Mutual Holding Company of Washington, D.C. and Ameritas Mutual Insurance Holding Company of Lincoln, Nebraska announced their intent to form an affiliation of their respective mutual holding companies, merging them to form Ameritas Acacia Mutual Holding Company. The Boards of Directors of both companies approved on September 14, 1998, the first ever merger of two mutual insurance holding companies, subject to regulatory approvals and a favorable member vote expected later this year. This strategic affiliation will create a stronger, more diversified insurance and financial services enterprise, with almost $11 billion assets under management, GAAP insurance assets of $6 billion, $21 billion life insurance in-force, $750+ million in revenues and approximately $750 million GAAP equity/capital.

Ameritas Chairman and CEO, Larry Arth, stated that the proposed affiliation "creates a partnership where two strong and growing companies join together, with diversified product lines that are complementary and fit our strategic vision of the future. Together we can leverage our respective areas of expertise to create a stronger organization which will be better able to compete in tomorrow’s dynamic market place."

Tuck Nason, Chairman and CEO of Acacia, commented that "the affiliation of the two mutual holding companies would serve as a ‘model’ organizational combination that is unique in the industry, providing the opportunity for enhancing critical mass and achieving economies of scale for both organizations, while retaining separate insurance company corporate identities and brand names in the market place going forward."

Although Ameritas Life and Acacia Life will remain stock subsidiary companies to the holding company, maintaining their respective domiciliary states and executive office locations, they intend to benefit from forming a combined service company/division that will offer administrative and operational support services to both insurance organizations. They expect improved unit costs, more effective product development, and better technologies for customer service as a result of this initiative.

Arth will become Chairman and CEO, with Nason as Vice Chairman and President of the newly formed mutual holding company, with both individuals retaining their respective titles and responsibilities at the subsidiary company levels within the holding company. The Ameritas companies had approximately 3.5 billion GAAP assets, 430 million GAAP revenue, and 461 million GAAP equity as of 12/31/97. Ameritas and its subsidiaries specialize in variable life, fixed and variable annuities, group dental, low load insurance products and 401K and other investment products.

  • Engage in active and fair competition.

The Acacia Group had 2.3 billion GAAP assets, 7.1 billion assets under management, 291 million revenue and 260 million GAAP equity as of 12/31/97. Acacia and its related subsidiaries offer traditional life and annuties, as well as variable products, special banking products and services, a variety of mutual funds, and operate a full service financial planning broker dealer.

Build Financial Security and Independence

Acacia help to provide financial security and independence for individuals, families, and businesses. Before you can achieve financial independence, you must be financially secure.

Before you build a house, you must build a foundation. The foundation is insurance, making sure your financial plan is Self Completing.

Your financial plan assumes your plans for your family or business will include your being able to see the plan through. But plans for college education, mortgage payoff, retirement, asset acquisition, and countless others can be interrupted by premature death or disability. Insurance makes sure your financial plan is completed!

Acacia Financial Planning Services

  • Investment allocation
  • Risk management and insurance programs
  • Managing cash flow
  • Controlling taxes
  • Employee benefit programs
  • Retirement planning or post-retirement planning
  • Estate planning, transferring assets to family or charities
  • Protecting assets in case of future incapacity
  • Unexpected opportunities or problems
  • Monitoring financial situations and progress

Principally compensated by fees for services based on complexity of effort.

You can expect an Acacia Account Manager to provide:

  • Clear, precise explanations providing as much detail as requested.
  • Thorough services.
  • Monitoring to help clients meet plan objectives.
  • Acacia, leaders in high-integrity marketing.

For more information about Acacia's financial planning services, contact an Acacia Financial Center nearest you.

7315 Wisconsin Avenue,
MD 20814

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